Characteristics of products based on Tiab and Siab


  • The Titanium dioxide and Silica complexes form the platform to which Silver ions are anchored, through strong covalent bonds
  • The monovalent Silver Ions trapped in the Tiab and Siab systems represent a unique characteristic: they are active at very low concentrations and are stable and active also in light conditions
  • The Tiab and Siab systems, similar to the Silver Ions, possess proven antimicrobial characteristics, where the exposed part of Ag+ binds to functional groups of proteins resulting in protein denaturation and ultimately bacterial cell death
  • Furthermore the barrier that contains the systems Tiab and Siab does not alter the physiological characteristics of the skin and grants an effective protection against external attacks favouring in this way the best micro-environment for the natural reparation of the skin
  • Also the functionalized Benzalkonium Chloride inside the Tiab and Siab structures plays a significant role by interfering with the cellular membranes of bacteria